About Keshet Association

Who are we?

Keshet Association for the Aged in Tel Aviv Yaffo was established in 1981. It is a large public nonprofit organization aimed at providing services for the elderly in the Tel Aviv area through its two geriatric institutions and day care centers. Keshet offers a wide spectrum of services for the elderly from their active days in the community to the last phase of their lives.

Keshet Association for the Aged acts as a major player in providing community services for the elderly through fruitful cooperation with The Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Tel Aviv Municipal Social Services. 

What do we do?

In the city of Tel Aviv alone, there are over 80,000 elderly residents, over the age of 65, comprising 20% of the city's population. Keshet aims at caring for that elderly population, with all its special needs. Keshet's philosophy is to target the low-income elderly and provide aid. These low-income elderlies suffer from a chronic inability to thrive financially as limited Israel Social Security benefits are often not enough to buy the necessary food or drugs. A large majority of the elderly do not have pensions since the law requiring pensions was not enacted until 2008. Additionally, a large segment of the elderly population in Israel is comprised of immigrants who did not suffice to accumulate benefits.

How do we do it?

As opposed to living in the community, Keshet Association for the Aged provides the entire spectrum of services that an elderly resident needs, either in a medical setting or day care in the community.


Keshet operates two large and fully staffed geriatric medical centers – Tzahalon in Yaffo Tel Aviv and Givat Hashlosha in Petach Tikva. The centers have departments for the wheel chair ridden, demented and frail.  These two large medical centers combined provide hands on professional medical care for nearly 1000 elderly. Both geriatric centers are supervised and licensed by the Ministry of Health and operate under a strict compliance to requirements of the Ministry of Health.


Our staff includes, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapist's aides, as well as local and overseas volunteers.  The elderly receive 24 / 7 medical and nursing care, something impossible in the community and not within their financial ability to purchase. A dietician plans their meals according to updated blood tests.  An occupational therapist plans activities that suit their cognitive or motoric abilities. In other words, it is an opportunity for the elderly to receive high end personalized care, regardless of their financial condition.


Tzahalon Geriatric Center: is situated in the heart of Tel Aviv- Yaffo and provides services to over 300 residents. Tzahalon operated four wheelchair ridden departments and three departments for the demented elderly.


Givat HaShlosa Geriatric Center: is located in Petach Tikva and provides services for over 380 residents. The facility operates five wheelchair ridden departments, three departments for the demented, and four departments for the mentally frail (old age homes).

Ramat Aviv Day Care Center and Yaffo Day Care Center: Keshet also provides services for the elderly who remain in the community. It operates two Community Day Care Centers in Ramat Aviv and Yaffo which provide services for over 300 elderly who attend day care on a daily basis. These centers offer recreational activities, two meals, and transportation to and from the centers.

Why contribute to Keshet?

Keshet Association for the Aged is one of the largest NGO's in central Israel. It has been around since 1981. Keshet has remained stable throughout the years, in the backdrop of a very competitive market.  

Keshet provides services to over 700 elderly in its geriatric centers and 200 in its community day care centers. Due to organizations' size and wide spectrum of services, the elderly can remain cared for as they age in a stable setting.

Keshet is subject to the strict supervision of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Services, a fact that forces the organization to be at the forefront of medical care and services.  The elderly and their families can be secure in the feeling that the health care that they receive is professional, documented and cutting edge.

Keshet is all about people.  Keshet believes that the elderly should be treated with the utmost dignity, especially in the final stages of their lives. Keshet understands the difficulties of the family members and provides a support system.  Additionally, it represents a model of ethnic co-existence: Jews, Arabs, Ethiopians and Russians who all work together to provide the best possible services to the elderly. 

Keshet is constantly challenging the standard of care that it offers the elderly by enhancing its facilities and services.  And in order to do that, we need you.